I am distracted by human behaviour and how we really feel about ourselves underneath the veil.

I see life and art being played out like a film script with more control over it than we realise. The ability to rewrite every scene.

I feel rewarded by the emotion and distracted by the aesthetic and I will accept understanding and feeling the meaning in a piece, over the admiration of technical brilliance.

 I am attracted to various art movements of the past but do not belong to or aspire to any.

This film looks at the influences and desire behind the Films and Paintings of London artist Evelyn Jean. Charade Film Co Ltd Evelyn Jean Europe evelynjean.com


Evelyn Jean is a multi-media artist from London.

He has a passion for making art that captures his inner most fears and pleasures, whilst questioning the actual purpose of these emotions.

After a music career spanning 13 years he became increasingly frustrated at limits of the medium and began practicing art as a method for performance and expression of his real feelings.

His work covers many mediums including painting, film making, performance and installation.

He is hugely influenced by a large diverse range of artists from many mediums including Joan Didion, Edward Hopper, Dorothy Tanning, Valie Export, Rene Magritte, The Beatles, David Bowie and Marlene Dumas and Marina Abramovic to name just a few.

Evelyn is a self-taught artist who has participated in several group shows throughout Europe, and aspires to create an emotional understanding over technical superiority in his work.

Former Projects

We are Trans-Mission (2001 - 2012) (c) Mad Trap Records